Welcome to Pot of Gold Online!

It’s live!

Pot of Gold Online opened its door late in the evening of Sept. 4, 2013 with more than 180 items listed.

With 34 categories and hundreds of subcategories, it promises to be an exciting addition to buying and selling opportunities in southeastern Arizona.

Logo-Square-2-for-webWe’re anticipating that over the course of the next week, hundreds more items will be listed and will start selling to the benefit of folks around Cochise County who need to clear out their houses, garages and storage units, and to those who need to find just the right item at just the right price.

In the weeks and months after that, the number of listings is expected to grow into the thousands, and tens of thousands.

Through the rest of 2013, Pot of Gold Online will be a risk-free proposition for selling. With no cost for signing up and with no listing fees during that time, sellers can’t go wrong in trying out the site. Sellers can choose to go for auction-type or for fixed-price sales.

That means buyers should find great bargains on merchandise that they need.

The site also features classified advertisements for services that don’t fit into the auction category.

More features will be added to the site in the weeks to come, including comprehensive video instructions on how to use this site for buying and selling. It’s pretty straightforward to sign up and use the site, especially for those who have used other auction sites.

Why is Pot of Gold Online needed?

A local auction site fills in a major gap that national sites leave mostly untended. Because our site is centered on a local audience, it is possible to move major items, such as furniture, appliances and tool, that can’t easily be shipped.

Not that smaller items won’t work well on the site as well.

In a sense, it’s about community-building. If you neighbor down the street needs to get rid of something you want, why not make the exchange and get to know each other at the same time.

Take time to read the About Us section. It provides a number of reasons why a local auction-style site is a superior way to do business. And the Who Should Use It section shows how businesses and nonprofit organizations can take advantage of Pot of Gold Online.

Is Cochise County big enough?

That’s one of the cool things about Pot of Gold Online. We’re pioneering it in the greater Sierra Vista area, but in a month or so, we’ll be expanding it to other parts of southeastern Arizona, including Tucson.

That means the market area is well over 1 million people, but it’s nicely segmented as well. Along the left hand column, beneath the Categories listing, you’ll see a breakout of Regions. With this, you can list items, or look for items, only within the area that you find appropriate.

Maybe that’s just in your city, or your part of the city, for furniture. But it could be the entire region if what you’re selling or seeking can easily be shipped. Or maybe for the right stuff, you’ll be willing to drive a few miles.

So give Pot of Gold Online a shot. There’s no risk and lots of potential rewards. Watch us grow. And help us grow, all the while building our community.